Love is forever yeah?

I’m pretty sure you disagree, I did too. I mean, what is love if it’s not till death do us apart? What is love if it’s not the fairytale stories we all knew as it was with Disney characters.

What’s with it really?
Forever is till the end, yes. And love ends too right? I mean, we fall out of love sometimes, don’t we?
Forever isn’t the old age we think it is, it’s how long something lasted.
It could be a day, it could be two, it could as well be years.

How so?
When two people are in love they promise themselves to be together forever yeah, (most of us do, you don’t need to deny it).
Imagine a partner died just the next day or all of a sudden, so many complications come in and you had to let go , that promise wasn’t broken because yeah, you did love yourselves till forever.
That was your forever. With the person anyway.

Love is beautiful yeah?
The beauty of two imperfect beings coming together, bringing different complexity, ready to accept every flaw and what makes them who they’re personally.
But is that all it entails?
Love is two faced.
The beauty and the ugliness makes it love.

Love sometimes can be unrequited.
Love is amazing.
Beautiful yet tainted.

But most of us have failed to acknowledge the ugly part.
We all crave that special place so we subconsciously search for it
A place without blemish
And we want perfection so much we forget imperfections makes them so.
We feel mistakes should hardly be made when in love.
We get hurt when these expectations come short, Sometimes we get angry not because of the pain but cause it didn’t come out to be what we had pictured, what we wanted,what has been imagined and lives in our head.

So then you start to question yourself if you made a mistake with your choice or your ideal partner wasn’t really it. But have you forgotten about compromise?
Have you forgotten about tolerance? Or you choose to ignore it?
Do you realize that sometimes, the mistake comes from you and conversations go a long way in a relationship?
And isn’t it crazy that I might be wrong?

So you tell me, what does love even mean to you?

Hi guys!😍
It’s been a minute.
The coffee I ordered for came in late. I really might just have to start making it myself😑
I hope y’all got yours steaming hot though, I mean we had a lot of time for that.
Anyway, I’d love to hear your views as always. Blow my mind!

You’re livid.
You’re in despair.
You’d do anything to make it go.
You’d give anything to be what you picture in your head.
You probably just stopped crying. You get trolled all the time. Heck, you are frustrated.
Over thinking has become something you do often, you’ve refused to live cause your friends think you could have been better. But hello, you’d call them friends? Really?

You wish you could turn back time and fix it. You wish you could choose what you really wanted, but what if who you hoped to be was always you?
You wish people won’t stay away cause they felt you were not perfect. Were they meant to be there if that was the case?

You’ve been ignored so many times. You’ve being insulted, you’ve been discriminated, mocked and gotten so many cruel replies.
You’ve gone for countless treatments, you’ve cried, you’ve denigrated yourself, you’ve blamed yourself for it, you’ve questioned God, what more?

But hey,

You’ve failed to realize you are imperfectly beautiful as we all are.
You’ve failed to realize that your flaws makes you who you really are.
You won’t believe that there are people out there that envy you.
You’ve failed to realize a physical flaw would only be an obstacle if you really let it.

So tell me then, who are you really?
When would you call yourself beautiful? When would you call yourself handsome? When would stop giving everything about you negative comments? When would you stop mopping around and see that there’s no scar to your beautiful? When would you stop seeking anyone’s validation?

When will you stop seeing those things as scars and merits of your beauty instead?

Hey guys! It’s been two years😔

Missed me? Cause I definitely missed you more❤

It’s not a new thing that some of us have insecurities about certain things in our physical features. Some of us includes me.

But isn’t it time we really accept who we really are?

What do you think?

My coffee is steaming hot. Where’s yours?😍

“Dealing with manipulation is about reading the lines and recognizing the lies for what they really are”

I wish it were that easy. I wish I could foresee and know that you’d be manipulative enough to make me do everything I did. Maybe if we all came with a bulletin it won’t be so hard.
But that wasn’t the case, so I really was justified for every step I took.

It’s 3am
And I’m thinking about you.
I stopped. I know I did. But you come up at every chance you get.

It was quite different today though.
I had come to realize you’ve been the one,a hard pill to swallow but you were quite the manipulator, still are.

I always thought it was me. I blamed myself for every thing that happened, I ignored that you were wrong, I always felt everything was from the way I reacted.
But that was really not the case.
You blamed it all on me. I was always the reason why you were angry, I always pissed you off even when I was oblivious to what was going on.
And I was always back to apologize. But it was never really enough.

When I couldn’t reciprocate your proclaimed feelings, I was at fault.
Friends they say stays till the end, but you made me feel inferior for trying.
And you couldn’t stop being mad, it became a pretty normal thing to do.

I got tired, I’m sorry I did. But I’m human and have a limit to so many things. I got tired of trying. Trying to make you realize your mistakes, trying to let you see some of the things you did was wrong. You really did push me.

I’m not saying I’m perfect, we really all have our flaws but maybe it was time for me to do something about mine, time for me to live for myself, own my mistakes and try making amends, after all, trying is what really matters.

So today I wish you the best life you’d want and hope you’ll realize everything you chose to ignore.

Hey guys!

I’ve missed y’all! I hope you’ve got your coffee steaming hot, I mean there was enough time for that.

I’m pretty sure manipulating is not a new thing, sometimes we do it unconsciously yeah?

But dear sisters and brothers, if they’re getting to you,starting to victimize you, messing with your mental health and all please run😑

I hope you enjoy this.

Let me know what you think😍❤!

Letter to Tade


   There’s something about the rain.
Of course!
It reminds me of you always and here I am, writing to you with so much ardor like you’d ever see it.

But of course you would. I mean, who knows what your snooping spirit does every time I leave the house?

A girl called me her friend yesterday and I felt so disgusted. No one knows me like you do. No one knows why and how my scars are there or how I sniff your ashes before going to bed. You’re my only friend, you know everything.

   I started taking Spanish classes Tade and I’m super excited for what’s coming. But of course the lecturer found it hard to pronounce my name and you don’t want to know what she said!
     Last week, we talked about love and I kept on dozing because it bored me to death.
        But guess what?
  I did ask a question Tade!
And for the first time I ignored what people thought about me doing that.
  Aren’t you just proud of me?
I said and I quote;
  ” Is there such thing as love? Why won’t we just accept that it’s nothing but a myth? If love existed why then would the one you claim to love leave? What happened to happily ever after?
Why would we cheat? Why would we disappoint? And why would unforseen circumstances take them away? Or does it really exist? But with an absence of eternity. “

I expected her to stutter, well I did want her to. I wanted her to be shocked and prove my thoughts right but that didn’t happen.

“el amor no tiene que ser para siempre y el amor tampoco es un cuento de hadas”

That was all she said to me.
And it did nothing but rang a bell.


Hi there guys,
   I’m actually really nervous.
P.S: I’m always nervous.
This is my first write up here and I really hope you guys like it.
Remember, we should always communicate.

  So tell me, what’s your view on this?

Who’s Tade? Who’s Tami?
What happened? Cause I’m very sure I won’t sniff someone’s ashes on purpose.
I’m as inquisitive as you are, trust me!
The Spanish there means;
love doesn’t have to be forever and love isn’t fairytale either “
That was what the lady said.
Do you think she’s right?
What bell did it ring?
Definitely not a church bell🌚
I mean, talk to me guys😭

I hope y’all grabbed your coffee already? Mine’s steaming hot😍!

Hey lovelies😍

Guess who’s a nervous wreck right now?
   Yeah,me obviously.

Honestly I’m so glad you guys made it here.
Cause really, who am I without you guys?

It took me months and counting to finally grow some balls to do this but look who’s here now!

So I’d be posting my write-ups and other things here and the good thing is we get to talk cause really I want to interact with y’all.

I need you guys to support me please and let’s vibe cause without y’all, I really won’t be here.

Welcome to our blog guys!
Let’s grab some coffee cause honestly who doesn’t like coffee? And of course we’ve got loads of  love to share too!

PS:I’d love to hear your views.